Single Width Aluminium Scaffolding without Stairway

Single Width Aluminium Scaffolding without Stairway


Single Width Aluminium Scaffolding Without Stairway


Instafit Aluminium Scaffolding is made up of top quality aluminium alloy, There are various types of Aluminium scaffolding assemblies available in the industry. The offered Aluminium scaffolding has rods, clamps, pipes, shutters and plates for platform manufactured using quality aluminum alloy.


The platform hook of the tower is equipped with windlock system. Deck board edge protected by Aluminium Deck Profile. Easy to use toe board system. Making use of the perfect access equipment can reduce your work load significantly and help you complete your task more quickly and safely. You can also trust our knowledge to ensure that you get the right equipment in accordance with your job requirement.


Key Features

Light weight

Easy to assemble

Minimum work force

Easy to move and store

High quality aluminium alloy

Anti-rust / corrosion free

Heavy duty

Wheels with brakes


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