Wall Support Extendable Ladder

Wall Support Extension Ladder
Wall Support Extendable Ladder



Wall Support Extendable Ladder

Zebrik Aluminium Wall Support Extension Ladders are manufactured from high tensile aluminium alloye. This Ladder provides you with extra comfort with its non-slippery corrugated steps. these wall supporting ladders can be easily carried and stored. Manufactured from seamless extrusions with radiuses corners for extra strength. The ends of wall ladders stiles are fitted with rubber plugs to avoid accidents.

Key features

Main extrusion made up of aluminium alloy ā€˜Cā€™ Section 66 x 32 x 3.18mm thickness of non slip, extra grip mullion step
Step made up of 64 base x 1 inch box type mullion step non slip, extra grip mullion step
High quality leg grip rubber shoes for top and bottom
Available Height: Minimum 4 feet ā€“ Maximum 24 feet
Available Type: Skid proof mullion steps

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